Our union is more perfect because of changes

Like Bill Speer I too had a recent communication with Del Byer. We agreed to disagree. I remember a comic of two boys talking and one says to the other, “When I’m old I’m going to pull my pants up under my arms and complain about everything..” Now I’m hitching up my pants and responding to Byer’s recent missive in The News.

Remember back “then” in the Preamble to our Constitution, the “we” meant only white men. Women weren’t included. They had no vote. African Americans had no rights at all.

Since then liberals have proposed the adoption of “different beliefs” and added to the Constitution the Thirteenth, Fifteenth, and Nineteenth Amendments that freed the slaves and guaranteed all men and women the right to vote.

Maybe these amendments weren’t the “framers’ intent” when the Constitution was written, but I think they knew they were human and not perfect, nor was the document they wrote perfect. I think they wanted their Constitution to be a living document that could be changed as time and needs dictated.

I agree with Byer the mess in Washington is ridiculous but I think we have “a more perfect union” now than we had when the Constitution was ratified. Unlike Byer, I believe we would have a “Founders type leader” in President Obama if the extreme conservatives would quit throwing roadblocks in his path.

As Pogo said, we have met the enemy and it is “us.” We just can’t agree which one of us it is. Maybe neither one. I suspect we are a lot closer than we think if we would only listen to each other.

Jim Shaffer

Hubbard Lake