Alcona volleyball team sweeps Atlanta

ATLANTA-The Alcona volleyball team picked up its second win in a row on Thursday, sweeping Atlanta 25-6, 25-12 and 25-15.

“Girls played tough. They never let up, they just went after it and came up with three big sets,” Alcona coach Kristi Arnold said.

The Tigers came out swinging right away in the first set with a 6-0 lead. Kalie Zerbst served during five of these points and picked up an ace. Karina Cole spiked the ball hard against Atlanta’s front line which had a hard time blocking.

Cole had eight aces, 13 kills and five digs on the night. Zerbst had 17 assists.

The Huskies put together a solid volley against the Tigers on the sixth point with Morgan Barrett and Tristen Juergens helping to keep the ball alive for Atlanta.

However, the Tigers were on fire in the first set and continued to pull ahead. Sydney Pierce got in on the offensive action by earning a few kills to give Alcona a 10-2 lead.

Cole then served during five straight points to give Alcona a 15-3 lead. Cassie Carpenter alternated spikes and tips to throw Atlanta’s back row off balance.

Carpenter had 12 kills along the way.

Although the Huskies’ back line contributed solid digs that helped keep the ball in the air, it wasn’t able to catch up, as Katelyn Nelson served during seven straight points to take the lead to 24-3. She picked up three aces along the way.

“The girls just didn’t play to their full potential. We have a good little team, but we just weren’t playing that back row well tonight,” Atlanta coach Amy Corbin said.

The second set initially seemed closer. Atlanta’s Abbie Wineman picked up a tip score over the heads of Alcona’s front line to tie the game at 3-3.

Alcona then utilized hard serves and careful teamwork to pull ahead. Cheyenne Parkinson picked up two aces while Alissa Terpstra picked up a tip and a spike to give Alcona a 9-5 lead.

Any semblance of a close set ended after Sam Zerbst served during six straight points, including three aces, to give Alcona a 19-7 lead. Atlanta ran into some timing errors at the net and continued to give up aces to Alcona to fall 25-12.

The third set continued Alcona’s domination of the match. The Huskies had some good digs and a few solid volleys, but continued to struggle against the spikes and tips of Cole, Carpenter and Pierce.

Cole served during 10 straight Alcona points to give the Tigers a 16-3 lead. She picked up three aces along the way.

Atlanta rallied a bit at this point, outscoring the Tigers 12-9 before the set was over. Barrett, Summer Dukes and Regina Bigham contributed big digs against the impressive Alcona attack during this rally.

However, its rally made little difference with such a wide spread, as Alcona earned a 25-15 win for the sweep.

“We have been displaying great team work the last couple of matches. They’ve been working hard together at practice, focusing on team goals and have done what they need to do to win,” Arnold said.

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