Editorial: Get car ready now, before winter sets in

Tuesday’s snow in many locations around the region is a reminder to everyone to make sure to get their vehicles ready for winter. With northern Michigan weather you never know when winter will be here to stay, and be here for the length of the season.

Many of us don’t think about the little things when it comes to being ready for winter driving and realize, too late, that we missed something. Among the things to do:

check your windshield wipers to make sure they aren’t worn out

check your tires for wear and proper inflation

be sure to have an ice scrapper/brush in your car

get a tune-up and have your car’s fluids checked

get your battery checked to make sure it will last the winter

prepare an emergency kit

While the snow this week wasn’t going to stick around, it’s better to be prepared early as opposed to being caught unprepared. The preparation you do now could help you out later.