Exiting councilman gives support to Johnson

I support Cindy Johnson’s write-in bid for Alpena City Council. Since one of the two open seats is one I’m vacating, I feel I should offer a recommendation.

I came to Council 10 years ago with no personal agenda, no axe to grind. I promised to study the material that came before the Council and make the best decision possible with the information available. That remains my goal here.

To me, this is Cindy Johnson’s time to be elected to Council. She has been working and volunteering on behalf of the City, the schools and the community for over 20 years. Her range of civic gifts is impressive: serving on committees, tutoring, creating art and music, and serving meals for the needy. For the past 11 years she has been a member of the Planning Commission. And during this time, she provided research for the City’s Planning and Development Director that led directly to grant awards.

As resources grew scarce, and the need increased for us all to do more with less, Cindy stepped up her game. Consequently, I can easily see her fitting in effectively and seamlessly on City Council for the next four years. I see her contributing in the same way that Susan Nielsen and Mike Nowak have since they joined the Council. All three of them are caring, knowledgeable, well informed and open-minded people.

We all want what is best for Alpena. In my judgment, Nov. 5 is the time to write in and vote for Cindy Johnson for Alpena City Council. Let’s keep moving forward.

And please vote yes on both requests for our library, a true community jewel which provides so many so much.

Sam Eiler

Retiring member of Alpena City Council