Alpena needs to clean up and fix its beach

Mr. Matthias is right on the mark when he says we need a good hotel on the water. That having been said

A few years ago a group of businessmen planned just such a place. There was one catch – the dead-end of Bingham Street would have to be closed. City fathers said “they could not make that decision and the voters would have to decide.” The voters thought they would lose access to Starlite Beach and overwhelmingly said no.

Not so: All Michigan shoreline belong to the people/state from high water to water’s edge.

Meanwhile over at Mich-e-ke-wis, What was a real sand beach has been allowed to go fallow and invasive weeds and brush fill most of the shoreline. History: Bathhouse, rafts, life guards, bathrooms, sandy beaches all gone. It’s the poor relation of parks in Alpena.

History: it was given by Mr. Paad to the people of Alpena for their use and enjoyment. if at any time it ceased to fulfill that function (read: if it is sold or used for private gain) it reverts back to his descendents. There are still numerous descendents living here, including some of the Wysockis.

I’d suggest closing Bingham St., and letting the investors build a nice hotel there. Clean Mich-e-ke-wis up. Remove all the vegetation up to 500 feet of the waterline. Haul in truck loads of good clean sand as Tawas and Honolulu, Hawaii – to name but a couple of places – do.

We put our money on the wrong horse with Starlite Beach when spending to build the bathrooms and pavilion. Stony Point is not going to change. The rocks and limestone shelf that are part of that park were always there.

Kathleen Melville-Hall