Pitts up to his far left antics of blame game

Oh no, Far Left Leonard Pitts is back with his far left Alinsky tactics for terrorists. Far Left Leonard refers to the Republicans as brats. Well, how about this for brattiness: The president of the U.S. shuts down memorial parks, which are never closed night or day and he spends big money to do so when it costs nothing when they are open. The brat in the White House kept American citizens out of said parks, especially the WWII Memorial, but invited thousands of illegal aliens to swarm over said memorial to advocate amnesty for the illegals. And isn’t it ironic to accuse Republicans of hatred when almost every one of Far Left Leonard columns seethe with it? Leonard also has trouble with truth, stating that full faith and credit of the U.S. is at stake when every knowledgeable economist has said that the $200 billion the U.S. takes in every month is more than enough to cover the interest on the national debt. But back to brattiness. How bratty is it when park rangers had to report that orders came from above to make the shutdown of the government as painful as possible? The height of brattiness Is that practiced by the brat in the White House. He shuts down the NIH which treats children with cancer. And then there is that creep, Harry Reid, who asked: “Why would we want to do that (namely, treat children with cancer)?” The brat of all brats, though, is, again, the one in the White House, who withheld death benefits from families whose loved ones were killed in combat. Wait a minute. I need to correct an inaccuracy. What I meant to say was that it was the Alinsky inspired, Chicago thug, Barack Obama who did that.

Earl Elowsky