Cindy would be a breath of fresh council air

In the business in which I was engaged for many years, if we had a particularly difficult problem we would bring in a jury. Best not to have judges messing about with the really tricky stuff.

If plumbing were the issue we wouldn’t want a jury of plumbers. An engineering problem? We’d leave the engineers at home. Accounting? Well, would you really want a group of accountants sitting there?

Those we did want were people of sound mind with no personal agenda, folks without a preconceived notion of, “How things should be.” We wanted people who cared and who would take their duties seriously, but most importantly we wanted people with a willingness to learn beyond what they may have believed.

Think of a good jury as a listening and atmospheric filtration device – one that clears the air.

It seems to me that a good city council person should be like a good juror: a good listener, a good learner, someone who cares. A person who will listen not just to themselves and to what they know and believe, but listen also to the people who work at the city every day – and to you and to me.

Think of a good new city council person as a breath of fresh air.

And, Cindy has a nice smile.

Douglas A. Pugh