Editorial: PI commissioner should be commended for being proactive

Presque Isle County Commissioner Kris Sorgenfrei has our respect.

Whether you agree with her or not regarding the need for a new county courthouse, you have to respect the fact she alone is “footing the bill” to hold four informational meetings regarding the need, as she sees it, to approve millage for rebuilding the courthouse.

Specifically, county taxpayers are being asked to approve a 15-year, $4.11 million bond issue that would demolish and rebuild the main part of the courthouse.

Since county money cannot be used to lobby for the millage, Sorgenfrei decided to pay out of her own pocket expenses related to the meetings. She had literature printed explaining the millage, and the need for its approval.

Obviously Sorgenfrei feels strongly about the issue, so much so that she was willing to expend personal finances to educate the public.

We appreciate such an effort, as it displays a dedication to the job we don’t always see in today’s public servants. In our book Sorgenfrei went beyond the “call of duty” in taking on that expense, and we believe Presque Isle County residents should remember that dedication and commitment about her in the future.