Absentee ballots coming in as deadline nears

ALPENA – The deadline for people in Alpena to vote via absentee ballot is Nov. 4 at 4 p.m. and according to City Clerk Karen Hebert her office already has seen a steady stream of people submitting their early votes.

Hebert said absentee ballot are made aailable for people who will not be in town the day of the general election, or to those who are unable to get out and vote or a senior citizen. She said people can get them at her office or they can call and one will be mailed. Hebert said once the absentee ballots are submitted to the clerk’s office they are protected until election day.

“The ballots are placed in a sealed envelope, stamped and then signed by the voter,” Hebert said. “Then when election day arrives they are sent to the polls where they are placed in the tabulator and counted.”

To get a ballot and vote early Hebert said you must have a picture ID and be registered to vote in the city. She said the office staff can browse the system to see if someone is registered to vote. She said people who have a hard time getting from place to place can still get their ballots in before the deadline.

“You can bring it in, or you can mail it n to us and we will take care of it.” Hebert said.

In the city there are two seats open for Alpena Municipal Council. There are two candidates listed on the ballot, Councilman Shawn Sexton and Mike Nunneley, and there are three people running as write-in candidates, Cindy Johnson, Cal Howard and Anna Bass. There are also two millage requests for the Alpena County Library. Hebert said the number of absetee ballots submitted differs from election to election, but this one seems to have generated a lot of interest.

“It seems like they are coming in fairly steady,” Hebert said. “It all depends on the election, what is on the ballot and when it is. For a November election people move to Florida or move for the winter and we get their absentee ballots and votes. It’s hard to say how many we will get, because it is diffferent from election to election.”

The general election is on Nov. 5.

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