Presque Isle County needs new courthouse

Having lived all our lives in Presque Isle County, we have been in the courthouse many times.

It is a very old structure having been built in the 1880s. Over years, the offices inside the building were fixed up, but we believe the structure is deteriorating.

We are concerned for the safety of the employees in the courthouse.

The walls in the offices have paneling on them. When a fire happens the paneling immediately produces thick, choking black smoke. The employees would be unable to see or breathe.

The open stairway would funnel smoke and flames to the second floor. With the elevator unable to operate. Those employees on the second floor would be trapped, unable to breathe because of the choking smoke, and see, also unable to use the stairs because of the black smoke and flames.

We are voting for a new courthouse for Presque Isle County. The benefits outweigh the increase that will be added to our taxes.

Please vote for a new courthouse for Presque Isle County.

Larry and Joyce Foster

Ocqueoc Township