We deserve better treatment than Congress gave us

Just how fed up are you with Congress over the past two weeks?

If you’re like of us, you’re ready “to throw the bums out.” And, you’re not alone.

In a Rasmussen Report survey released Wednesday, if the election were held today for Congress, only 8 percent of those polled would return to office current legislators. A whooping 78 percent would vote out the entire Congress and start over with new.

Is it any wonder? The lack of leadership from the President, to the Senate, to the House is disheartening. Where was the sense of compromise and negotiation? The whole thing was nothing more than a power struggle and ultimately, what did it achieve from either side? The answer, of course, is nothing, unless you look forward to facing this same predicament in just a few months again.

In related polls over the past week, 70 percent gave Congress a poor rating and nearly one-half, or 47 percent, think neither political party represents the American people anymore.

It is disgusting. Meanwhile, we fall further and further into debt. The consequences of that impacts each of us and should alarm us all.

Americans deserve better. If Congress wants to win back voters, then we suggest they begin immediately to negotiate solutions to the debt ceiling and budget before their next deadlines in January and February. We need to develop a budget that spends what we take in, not exceeds that amount.

If not, and we find ourselves right back to where we’re at today, all hope will be gone.

If that’s the case, then the last person out is responsible for turning out the lights. It will mark the end of democracy as we know it.