Fitzgerald to finish council elected term

HILLMAN – Hillman Village Council reviewed applications for its open seat between meetings and decided on asking John Fitzgerald to finish the elected term of former member Jim Stoddard at its meeting on Tuesday. Fitzgerald is a former Montmorency County judge, and will be a council member until December 2014. He would have to decide if he would want to run for the seat in the November 2014 election

“He was the most qualified applicant,” Village Manager Dave Post said . “John has been sworn in by the clerk already, and will be able to sit in on the next meeting.”

Post said the decision was based on Fitzgerald’s experience, and believes he will be a good fit for the village council.

“We believe he’ll do a good job based on his credentials and experience being around government work,” Post said.

The council also made a decision to refinance some bonds that were sold in 2006, saving the village some money during the process.

“We figured out we’ll save around $20,000 over 12 years in interest on the refinanced bonds,” Post said. “It’s well worth doing. Our refinance expenses will be around $8,600, but even with those costs, we’re still saving around $20,000.”

In other business, the council agreed to purchase 12 speakers and an amplifier for the west side of the street downtown. The cost of the speakers was $480 total, and the amplifier was around $180.

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