Education funding problems begin in Lansing

I for one am outraged. Can you imagine the nerve of those Alpena Public school teachers? What can they possibly be thinking by voting down their most recent contract? Administrators who are working at will (contracts that can be terminated), “accepted” a 10 percent cut in pay. Secretaries, instructional aides, bus drivers, and custodial groups all “accepted” a 10 percent cut in pay. Teachers could not “accept” that scenario. Here is the deal; there is something wrong in Lansing. One billion cut from education is unacceptable. Funding for Public Education must be changed. Increasing mandates that go unfunded create unrealistic burdens upon our district. There has got to be a better solution than the quick and easy fix of punishing the very individuals attempting to hold the system together. This is not a divisive letter. All of our groups are desperately needed to educate our children. Rather than punishing teachers for taking a stand, I would hope that all of our public education groups, and the community at large would get behind teachers and say enough is enough. None of the groups in education are happy with this situation. Teachers are not asking for a raise, God forbid, but this situation seems to highlight the plight of the shrinking middle class of our state and country, which cannot support the mandatory regulations and entitlements being forced upon us. I wish more people had this kind of nerve.

Leonard Bromund


TBJH Teacher