Internet tax will just cut more of our income

In many ways rural life has changed over the last several decades. First, Walmart came to town and offered us a much wider range of product we could buy and buy cheaply. Now a Meijer store is coming to town. This will add jobs and also cause some displacements but competition is good for us consumers.

Also, the internet has made available to us a lot of products what we can buy and buy competitively. Many of these products are not available locally.

On the same note, our state government now wants to add sales tax to everything that we buy on the internet. Median Michigan income is down 9.43 percent from 2010 to 2011. We are well below the national median income drop. Let’s see – Higher taxes – Lower Incomes. This only makes sense to those in government who want to waste more of our money.

The internet offers us a wonderful variety of goods at reasonable competitive prices. I guess our state wants to take that away from us. When I called our state representative’s office to complain about this, the young man that answered told me we already have a law on the books in Michigan that requires us to report our out-of-state purchases on our tax returns. I suppose, if I looked real hard, that I might find one or two people in the entire state who actually report out-of-state purchases. How about you?

Ray Fencl