All we seem to be getting is fingerpointing

When I read the editorials, I see a lot of finger pointing. It’s the left, no, it’s the right. more than parties, it’s the crooks. Whatever happened to Woodward and Bernstein? Isn’t anyone concerned about the truth? Our freedoms are slowly erroding away and like the Jews in Germany “Nothing bad will happen.”

Wake up America. We are on a slippery slope and sliding faster every day. After reaching voting age, I always voted. I foolishly thought the government had my interests in mind. Not. The government has only “Its” interest in mind. Ever since Washington’s VP (Hamilton), men who hold the power have wanted to put America in their debt. Everything is being erroded, from education to morals. Do we as a nation not care what we are handing to our children and grandchildren?

I am just a little old lady who watches and listens and doesn’t like what she sees and hears. Do you?

Linda Keeney