Alumni set to cheer at homecoming

ALPENA – Alpena High School varsity cheerleading coach Melissa Burns has been searching for alumni cheerleaders to help spread school spirit at AHS homecoming Friday. So far, Burns has a group of over 15 former cheerleaders ranging from last year’s graduates, to women who graduated in the early 1970s.

“It’s fun to listen to the cheers the alumni remember from the ’70s and ’80s,” Burns said. “We’re trying to get any alumni cheerleaders to cheer a portion of the football game.”

Burns is an alumni cheerleader, and had the idea to get other women she cheered with “back on the track” one more time to cheer on AHS.

“I thought it would bring some excitement and be a great experience,” Burns said.

“It’s for whoever wants to show up and cheer, and we’ve had an absolute blast at the practices so far. We have a dance to our fight song, and a lot of them remember most of it. It has changed a bit over the years though.”

Burns said she would like to continue getting the alumni cheerleaders involved in homecoming.

“Part of homecoming is bringing the alumni back to the school and back into school spirit,” she said. “I would love to continue to do this and keep bringing them back.”

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