Twp. to provide fire coverage

ALPENA – Alpena Township Board of Trustees agreed to accept and present a contract proposal with Presque Isle Fire Department to provide 24-hour fire and emergency services. The proposal would include a monthly charge of $7,000 based on the services Alpena Township Fire Department already has provided Presque Isle over the last few weeks.

“I propose that we cover them until the end of the year, and in six months revisit the situation and we could extend or renegotiate the contract,” Township Supervisor Marie Twite said. “Right now, in the last month we had three runs there. Their station is defunct. We figured the price in for fuel and averaged in for 60 runs. We’ve been running there since August … We’re the closest township to help them.”

Alpena Township Fire Department would backfill its station to cover in case staff were on a run to Presque Isle.

“There is no cost to our residents at all,” Twite said. “I did not leave anything off the table with this contract.”

The contract has a provision stating that if the township would no longer want to provide these services, they must give a 30 day notice, and can get out of the proposed contract.

The agreement passed 5-1, with Trustee Brenda Fournier voting “no.”

The board also discussed a proposed service drive between Bagley Street and Walter Street with an estimated cost of $1.7 million up to $2.4 million for a class A road.

“The $1.7 million would include road improvements, utilities, water, sewer and electrical,” Twite said. “The $2.4 million would be if a storm sewer were added. We are still meeting with those owners, and they are very interested in moving forward with the road project. I will continue to update the board as we go along.”

In other business:

* Thunder Bay Winery was approved for a new small wine maker license. The winery will be located at 2084 M-32.

* the access road between Staples and Auto Zone was approved to be named Townsend Drive.

* the township fire department will be removing five old air packs from service, and purchasing two gate valves, one storzs reducer, and two 800 Mhz radios.

* the board approved to continue a $5 charge on all bills to cover the bills from the city for the sewer system infultration charges until the issues with usage are resolved.

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