Posen concedes game due to injuries

POSEN-Football coaches have to make tough calls during every game, but Posen coach Wayne Karsten had to make the hardest call of his career on Friday when he was forced to concede against Engadine with two minutes left in the third quarter, due to player injuries.

Engadine was up 36-20 at the time.

“I lost my starting quarterback, my backup quarterback and I lost my center. I didn’t have anybody left. With eight man, you don’t have a lot of depth or room for injury. It’s not what I wanted to do, but for my kids its what I had to do,” Karsten said.

The injury that caused the concession came on a sack to backup quarterback Travis Sharpe that saw him limping off the field.

Without a quarterback and with starting fullback Nick Hincka playing hurt, the Vikings simply didn’t have enough players to play safe football.

Posen’s fate was a sharp contrast from the first quarter. The Vikings picked up three touchdowns in the quarter, the first coming off a Brandon Dietz pass to Matthew Wisniewski for a 15-yard touchdown four minutes into the quarter to go up 6-0.

Dietz ran for 22 yards on the night and hit one pass for 15 yards.

Dietz picked up the Vikings’ second touchdown three minutes after off a four-yard run. He hit Brenden Ciarkowski for the conversion, widening the lead to 14-0.

These drives were set up by Hincka and Dietz picking up five to 10 yards per carry. For the first eight minutes of the game, Posen had a third down as the Eagles’ defense seemed incapable of stopping the run.

Hincka ran for 132 yards.

With four minutes left in the quarter, Dietz went down on a short run, clutching his leg and did not return.

Sharpe came in as quarterback for the next play. At first the Vikings seemed fine as Sharpe immediately ran for 54 yards to set Posen up for its next touchdown with 34 seconds left. Hincka eventually ran it in the seven yard score, putting Posen ahead 20-0.

Sharpe had 66 yards for the night and hit one pass for six yards.

Engadine’s Austin Buss had a 60-yard kickoff return to set up an eventual six-yard touchdown by Zach Frazier in the second quarter. with 11:20 to go. The two point was good, for a 20-8 spread.

Buss ended up with 41-rushing yards.

Momentum had seemed to turn towards Engadine at this point. It stopped Posen’s next drive and received the punt, but Forrest McArthur threw an interception to Wisniewski. Unfortunately, Sharpe fumbled on the next drive to give it back to the Eagles.

McArthur hit three out of eight passes for 85 yards and two touchdowns.

Engadine scored two more touchdowns in the half. Daniel Hartwig picked up a 15-yard pass touchdown with 30 seconds left to go. The conversion was good to give Engadine a 20-16 spread.

Hartwig snagged two passes for 65 yards and two touchdowns.

The Eagles kicked a successful onside kick next and threw a 50-yard touchdown pass to Hartwig. The conversion was good and Engadine had a 24-20 lead.

Engadine got the ball in the second half and Posen successfully shut down its first drive. After the punt, Posen moved the ball down the field successfully until Sharpe threw an interception at 7:21 to Buss, who ran 35 yards for a touchdown, giving Engadine a 30-20 lead.

The Posen line struggled against the hyped up Eagles and injuries continued to pile up. Center Kyle Knopf was knocked out of the game with 4:52 left in the third quarter.

Engadine scored the last touchdown of the game with 2:26 left in the quarter off a fourth and goal one-yard run by Ben Wyse.

Sharpe was sacked for the 20 yard loss on the next drive, forcing Karsten to concede.

“There was no way we could continue. With my starters out we were having a hard enough time. We had a freshmen center out there that has not played offense. As good as last week (‘s victory over Bellaire) was, that’s how bad this week is,” Karsten said.

Posen is now 3-3 and hosts Brimley next week.