Opportunity for city voters to correct a wrong

A few months ago two really conscientious Alpena City Councilmen were recalled for doing what they were elected to do. They had acted in the best interest of the City but were vilified by a small but determined group who painted the councilmen as bad actors. The recallers resorted to untruths and distortions to persuade enough voters to remove the two from office.

Prior to recall there was a conservative look to the council’s decision making process. The council understood that even in a non-partisan city council there needed to be a pro-conservative attitude if the city is to avoid the same fate as some of our downstate big brother cities. Alpena faces many of those same issues of: declining population, unfunded liabilities, business flight, lack of jobs and an unwillingness to make adjustments needed to fix the situation.

Usually the mayor in city governments, like Alpena’s, gets too much credit and too much blame for what takes place. In reality the city manager should be shouldering both responsibility and blame. The recall election was all about putting blame for Alpena’s sinking fortunes where is should have been. The City Manager was fired because the city is failing. In almost any situation resulting in a miserable failure the manager is fired.

Soon elections are to be held for two seats on the Alpena city council. One of the wrongly recalled councilmen, Mike Nunneley, is running for one of the seats. He has chosen to run because of his lifelong commitment and concern for his hometown. He is running because he sees hope in a situation that causes lesser men to turn away.

We have an opportunity to right a wrong and get balance back on the council.

Bob Lamb