Local Viewpoint

Even in the ashes of a devastating fire in Alcona County last weekend some encouragement still can be found.

First, the fire demonstrated the cooperation of small fire departments working together toward a common goal. While ultimately the fire consumed the Alcona County Road Commission garage, the destruction could have been worse and damage could have extended elsewhere had not the various fire departments worked together in containing the fire and rescuing what vehicles and equipment they could.

All in all fire departments from Lincoln, Barton City, Mikado, Harrisville and Alcona Township battled the blaze together.

Second, it didn’t take long for offers of help and assistance to come rolling into the road commission. Offers of equipment that could be borrowed, as well as garage space to work on vehicles were made to county road commission members.

We’re not surprised. We’ve seen such generosity before in similar situations. It’s the type of spirit that defines the character of Northeast Michigan residents.

The fire at the garage is a terrible tragedy that leaves the county’s road commission in poor shape heading into winter. Despite that, we expect Alcona County residents still will be serviced well and still will have clean roads to travel on this winter.

At this point we’re thankful for the vehicles that were salvaged from the fire. We’re thankful for the equipment that was able to be moved and thus, not damaged.

The road commission faces a long road ahead of them.

We expect for them, it’s just another two-lane of life waiting to be tackled.