No dredging debris on Harrisville residents’ beach

HARRISVILLE A solution could be in the works for dredging the town’s harbor so boats can enter next year without running aground on a sandbar near its entrance.

Harrisville Mayor John Dobis told the Harrisville Harbor Commission Thursday night that he had an agreement with Paul Petersen of the Department of Natural Resources, which would solve the issue of where to dump the dredged material. One stumbling block was where to dump the dredged sand after 13 area residents attended last month’s commission meeting to express their opposition. They objected to any sand being dumped on the beach in front of their homes, because of problems in the past with odor, slime and debris.

Petersen will permit the city to use the north break wall area where 5,000 cubic feet of sand from the harbor can be drained once a berm is constructed. The state will pay for the cost of that berm and also pay for hauling the dewatered material plus an additional 10,000 cubic feet of dredged material to a site on Walker Road, Dobis said.

The solution would mean that no dredged material would be dumped on the beach in front of the homes of residents, he said.

Harbor commission members will discuss the issue and make a final decision.

In other action, bookkeeper/recording secretary Jeannette Schultz said that dockage revenues were up $8,495 compared to the same time last year. But net income was down 25 percent compared to the first nine months of last year. Between the months of January through September 2013, net income totaled $23,210 compared to $31,031 for the same period last year.

Year-to-date income of $220,316 covered $207,326 in expenses, leaving a profit if $12,989, she said.

As the commission hammered out its budget for next year, Harbor Master Steve Baksis said he wants to buy advertising space in several boating magazines in the St. Clair and Bay City areas. The cost would be around $3,300 and would offer boaters a coupon for a free gift bag if they visit the harbor. Baksis also wanted to offer a small discount on fuel to boaters, who rent harbor slips for the season.

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