Alcona loses 8-0 in tough Tawas match

LINCOLN-The Alcona soccer squad (8-9, 4-1 North Star League), fresh off a tight 1-0 win over perennial foe Oscoda, came to a different fate on Wednesday, when Tawas mercied the Tigers 8-0 with 28:41 left to go in the second half.

“We were lazy and we didn’t play well,” team captain Benjamin Dubuque said.

Tawas started the game quick with a goal just over three minutes into the half. The shot rolled just under the hands of keeper Chase Matthews.

“That was a gift, Alcona” Tigers coach Tim Munro shouted from the sidelines.

Braves players like Timothy Janis, Kyle Costigan, Jacob Carroll dribbled quickly around Alcona defenders and moved the ball deep into Alcona territory. A shot by Costigan four minutes in hit Matthews in the face, but he stayed in the game.

Alcona’s Trenton Lavergne generated some offense for the Tigers, taking three shots in the first 10 minutes of the game. Each shot was blocked by the goal keeper.

Jared Steiner moved the ball into Braves territory and attempted to set up offensive momentum with Jeff Schram. Dubuque also attempted to create offensive drives for Alcona, only to be shut down by the Tawas defense.

The Braves scored again with 23:40 left to go in the half on a Samuel Loga shot. Goal keeper Matthews rushed toward Loga to try and prevent a header goal, but Loga regained control on the ground for the easy shot and a 2-0 lead. Dylan Decker scored less than a minute later, taking a shot from about 15 yards back from the goal, for a 3-0 spread.

Alcona seemed to struggle to keep up with Tawas, displaying fatigue influenced by their Monday Oscoda match.

“We were all exhausted out there and we needed to play with a lot more effort,” Dubuque said.

Another shot with 18:06 left in the half slipped just over the outstretched hands of a jumping Matthews, to give Tawas a 4-0 lead.

Alcona’s offense, led by Steiner and Schram, created some offensive pressure late in the half, but was unable to pull off another shot.

The Tigers came out faster in the second half. Schulyer Bates nearly headed in a shot at 38:41, setting up a flurry of Alcona offensive activity around the goal. It was successfully stopped up by Tawas.

At 36:58, Steiner hit the ground after getting kicked in the leg by a Tawas player and had to sit the rest of the game.

Two minutes later, Carroll scored against Alcona’s replacement goalie Coda Gallagher, to pick up the Braves fifth goal of the night. It was the first time Gallagher had ever played goal.

Costigan scored 21 seconds later to take a 6-0 Tawas lead. Two minutes later, Decker scored his second goal of the night to set up a 7-0 spread.

Decker then scored an assist on the last goal, as his shot rebounded off of Gallagher’s hands and was booted in by Scott Romberger for the 8-0 mercy.

Alcona faces Fairview on Monday and if it wins, will share co-league championship with Oscoda.

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