CRTC, Coast Guard impacted by shutdown

ALPENA -The government shutdown will have a major effect at Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center.

Col. Bryan Teff, commander of the CRTC, said the base and its staff will be deeply impacted by the government’s shutdown. He said three active personnel workers, civilian service and a contracrtor have been sent home and will not work again until an agreement can be reached in Congress. He said there are other base actions that also will have to cease.

“We will not be able to travel, we won’t be able to have our schooling or our traning assemblies,” Teff said. “Some of the staff have furlough days and will not be back until there are government appropriations or a continuing resolution.”

Like the base, the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Alpena also will be impacted by the federal government shutdown. The Coast Guard will not be doing any training. Officer in Charge Mark Szobostley said it will be available to help in case of an emergency locally.

“We will basically be here to respond to urgent aid and navigation if it is needed, but we will have to hold back on training and exercises,” Szobostley said. “As far as response, we will be here and help as normal.”

The longer the shutdown continues the more severe the impact will be for people caught in the middle.

“Right now I don’t know how long it might last. I see the same thing on television as everyone else, so maybe a week or longer” Teff said. “It is going to have a monsterous impact to not only us, but a lot of things. It’s ugly. It is not pretty at all.”

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