Presque Isle doesn’t need new courthouse

In November, the people of Presque Isle County are going to be asked to vote on a millage for the courthouse. This millage is going to cost the people 53 cents per thousand dollar value of your home per year for 15 years. The county is trying to convince you that this is needed. They are using excuses like the third floor can’t be used because of inadequate fire escapes. Another excuse is the energy bills are too high. Also the police department thinks that they need a breezeway to take the inmates to court instead of walking around.

Well, I have been in that courthouse a lot in the past year and a half and the building is fine. They don’t need the third floor. The office space on the first floor is almost always empty when I go through. They can cut back on energy costs the way all of us have, by conserving. These inmates that they are talking about are almost all victimless crimes.

The county commissioners have invited you to visit and see the improvements needed. Please go and see if this warrants a whole new building, etc. While you are there, take a look at the kangaroo court you are supporting.

In the annual budget for the 89th District Court, it shows that they have brought in a total of $5,667,792.70 since 2007. Maybe they can use this money more wisely.

Also the legislators have eliminated Judge Barton’s judgeship, because your population can no longer support her position. Yet somehow she gets to stay, until the year 2039.

Does this sound like something you want to continue to pay for, and then pay more?

Vote “No” on the courthouse millage.

Dana Carver