Grateful for actions of Good Samaritan

I always like to hear stories of regular people doing the right thing when it would have been easiest not to. My daughter recently lost her wallet while on a night out at a wedding. After the usual retracing of steps and asking around it seemed to be gone for good. The next night a gentleman calls and says he has her wallet. Since she had to go back to Ferris, her father and I met with this gentleman. The wallet was, in fact, our daughters and everything was accounted for. Not one thing was missing. We offered this kind man some money to show our appreciation but he very politely refused saying only “may God bless you!”

It’s so wonderful to know there are still good people around who do the right thingwith no regard as to what’s in it for them. Our can’t say enough about this gentleman’s kindness and honesty and may God bless him as well.

Matt, Leigh and Deni Makowski