Can’t understand why you’d steal flowers

Did You Steal From The Dead?

On Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013, I went to both the Evergreen Cemetery and the Holy Cross Cemetery to water flowers at the grave sites of our families. One of those grave sites was that of both my Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandfather, and my Grandmother and Grandfather. Their last name is Linke and perhaps you may remember them as the owners of Linke’s Flowers, Inc. The flower shop was an established business in Alpena for 133 years. While I was not involved in the business only at the busy holiday seasons, my mother Margaret was when it closed shortly after her death in 2000.

My family raised geraniums for years beginning with cuttings. It was very obvious the flowers of choice for their final resting place would be red geraniums. On Wednesday when I was watering I was astonished and very angry. At the Linke grave site, someone had taken the large pot that was placed into a hole in the ground. Whoever took them must have really needed them. How dare you steal from grave sites. Shame on you. I ask you; why should those who go before us not be allowed to be surrounded by something live and beautiful? By the way, this week is the week they should be fertilized with Miracle Grow.

Sue Ann Donnelly

Daughter of Harold and Margaret (Linke) Knechtel