Worldwide Photowalk to arrive in Alpena

ALPENA -On Oct,5, Alpena will be one of about 800 communities taking part in the annual Worldwide Photowalk. The event provides both professional and novice an opportunity to tour the Alpena area, get tips from professional photographers and then share their pictures with the rest of those who take part in the event.

Alpena Downtown Development Director Lesslee Dort said this is the first time the event will feature Alpena as one of the locations and 50 people can take part in the walking tour, which will make stops at locations that provide quality photo opportunities.

“Last year about 32,000 people took part in the walk and were taking pictures on that day,” Dort said. “It is free, you can jump in at any time. It doesn’t make a difference if you only have a camera phone or a high end professional camera. There will be prizes for the photos deemed best, as voted on by three folks coming up from Lansing Community College then people will be able to sit down critique each others photos and share them if they want. It is very cool.”

Dort said the event begins at the Maritime Center and the walk will move through Old Town Alpena, across the Second Avenue Bridge into the heart of the downtown area. She said a dinner at Johnny Lau’s will wrap up the event where more tips and photo sharing will take place. LCC photography instructor Wayne Pope will lead the walk and issue pointers while the participants are snapping pictures. Dort said Pope has held other events in Northeast Michigan, but never in Alpena.

“He has done these before, but they are usually on the other side of the state,” Dort said. “He got introduced to Alpena when he did a lighthouse photo safari in Presque Isle. Although the photos were taken there, much of their lodging and shopping was in Alpena, which supports that regional focus everyone is working so hard to promote.”

Even though the event is taking place in Alpena people from anywhere can take part. Dort said so far 16 people have registered to take part in the event, six are from the Detroit area.

“You can be from anywhere,” Dort said. “If you just want to come and take photos and enjoy Alpena this is a great opportunity. It is free, you just have to sign up.”

Dort said many of the photos taken during the walk will be forwarded to the DDA and some of them can be used in promotional materials or on the DDA social media pages.

“If there are a lot of good ones, which I anticipate there will be, we may choose to use them on Facebook or something,” Dort said. “We will give the person who took the picture full credit for the photo and give them the recognition they deserve for any advertising or promotion we use the pictures for.”

People wishing to take part in the photo walk can sign up at where they can also learn more about Pope and the event. For more information contact Dort at 354-4181.

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