Editorial: Moran a shining example of community leadership

Once again Tom Moran has demonstrated what it means to be a community leader when it was announced this week that the former Art Van store in Onaway was being purchased by his company.

A spokeswoman for Moran Iron Works indicated that while the company has ideas in mind for the property, nothing is yet “set in stone.” Their desire is to help create economic development opportunities a reality for Onaway.

We appreciate that spirit of entrepreneurship. Frankly, it is a spirit that seems to have guided Moran all his life. Thanks to it, not only has he been able to be successful as a businessman, he has made many others in Northeast Michigan successful as well.

Even more important, he has been a leader and inspiration to others through his philanthropic efforts.

Moran’s sense of community stretches well beyond a corporation’s geographical boundaries. Community, as defined by Moran, is much broader in scope and includes things such as his employees’ families, their children’s schools and the needs of a region where not only his business is located, but also where his employees live and play.

That is why the former Art Van building, and Moran’s acquisition of it, intrigues us.

Instead of a empty storefront in downtown today, hopefully there will be a thriving welding shop and educational facility tomorrow.

It’s good news for Onaway. It’s good news for Presque Isle County. It’s good news for Northeast Michigan.