Move away from stereotypical outbursts

Well, Robert you did it again,”open mouth- insert foot.” When will you learn that what you say speaks volumes about who you are. Stick to the facts, when you wrote your first letter, it was full of inaccuracies related to your own personal biases towards African-Americans.

Strange that you choose not to address this fact in your second letter but choose to attack me instead. Why would you hide behind an explanation of what the NAACP stands for? If you had really did your homework you would have known many Americans, don’t use the “colored” terminology anymore.

Let’s just agree to disagree that your thinking is a creation of an old mind set that is antiquated and from the past. We will let the facts speak for themselves, when you attack another person’s religious beliefs, it only shows how really shallow your thinking has become. I would rather build up my community, than tear it down with stereotypical outbursts.

Have a good life and please think before you call, “the kettle black.” God has a way of correcting false accusations. God bless you and God bless America.

Cal Howard