Fletcher needs to rethink campground idea

Stephen Fletcher’s recent article speaks favorably about “the state park campground in the middle of” Traverse City. He goes on to say, “With proper landscaping Mich-e-ke-wis and Bay View could be developed for camping with very low impact on the neighbors but huge impact on downtown merchants.

It seems that he is overlooking two vital matters. One is that the Bay View area is too limited in size. To provide adequate camping space there, we’d need to remove a few structures: the yacht club, the bandshell, the tennis and basketball courts and all the houses (including Mr. Fletcher’s) as far as the Blair Street Pier. That should have a “huge impact on downtown merchants.”

The other difficulty I see in his proposal is the inconvenience it would cause for the heavy volume of truck traffic on State Avenue. Imagine how hard it will be for the drivers of those large vehicles if they have to seek alternate routes to aboid the delays caused by recreational vehicles coming and going and by pesky pedestrians who will insist upon crossing the street.

If we really want to help the downtown merchants, why don’t we establish a campground on the site of the proposed new plaza?

Sanford, K.H. Wright