CVB to host photo contest for visitors guide

ALPENA -The Alpena Visitors and Convention Bureau’s visitors guide is one of its most useful tools to lure people to visit Alpena. The guide is full of useful information and allows vacationers a preview of what to expect when visiting the community.

Planning for the 2014 guide is under way and as a way to get the community involved, the CVB is holding a special contest where the winner’s artwork will grace the guide’s cover.

CVB President Mary Beth Stutzman said the contest has just begun and people will be able to submit photographs of the area before Oct. 18

“Our guide is distributed widely and this year we decided to to incorperate the public into its creation,” Stutzman said. “What we are doing is allowing people to submit up to three pictures and the winner will have their photograph on the cover. We will accept any photo that was taken in the last 12 months, so that we can have winter phots as well.”

Stutzman said the CVB has many uses for photos and even pictures that don’t make the cut for the cover, may be used in another way down the road, or could end up insude the guide.

“Please submit high quality digital jpeg images in color,” Stutzman said. “The pictures can be of anything. It can be of an event like a family enjoying a picnic at a park, or one of Northeast Michigan’s famous sunrises or sunsets. We want people to be creative and have fun with this. I think the cover will focus on people doing things, but we can also use scenery pictures for the inside of the guide or to use on our Facebook page.”

The visitors guide is seen by people all over and is viewable online at; as well as via distribution of 30,000-plus printed copies across the United States. Stutzman said people who submit phots that are used will receive credit for their work. She said this is a chance for Alpena residents to show off their home and their favorite activities.

“This is chance to show the world what we’re about, what we have and what there is to do in Alpena,” Stutzman said. “If you were a visitor in Alpena, where would you go. this gives people a chance to be a tourist in our own backyard and share the moment with our visitors to see.”

Stutzman said the guide is the biggest source of promotion the CVB has, but word of mouth and people sharing their positive experience while in Alpena is the best advertising. She said she hopes to see a lot of submisisons for the contest and is confident the winning photo will make next year’s guide one of the best.

“We really want the people to feel like their involved, because it is important for them to be a part of this. We want people to come to Alpena and see how warm and friendly the community is,” Stutzman said. “The people who live in Northeast Michigan are what makes or breaks everything we do. I think when someone visits Alpena one of the largest things they take with them when they leave is how friendly the people in Alpena are and that is important.”

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