Prep Roundup (9-17-13)

CADILLAC-The Alpena boys soccer team suffered a 5-0 shutout loss against Cadillac on Tuesday in Big North soccer action.

Last year, Alpena shut out Cadillac 4-0.

“They were bigger, stronger and faster than us this year. Last year, we were bigger, stronger and faster than them and we won. It’s a real big turnaround,” Alpena coach Tim Storch said.

Alpena was down 1-0 at the half, but gave up four goals in the second.

“We had our chances offensively in the game, but our effort didn’t match well with what we needed to get done. When you effort is low and the other team is more powerful than you, you have all the ingredients for doom,” Storch said.

Alpena is now 4-6-1 overall and 2-4 in the Big North. The Wildcats host Petoskey on Thursday at 7 p.m.


North Star League


Rogers City girls 1st,

Rogers City Boys 2nd

FAIRVIEW-The Rogers City girls cross country team won the second annual North Star League Jamboree, while the boys team finished second.

In the girls race, Oscoda came in second, followed by Alcona, Fairview, Whittemore-Prescott and Hale.

The Fairview boys won, followed by Rogers City, Whittemore, Hale, Oscoda and Alcona.

The top placer for the Huron girls was Emily Malocha with a time of 21:51. Victoria Bullock picked up fifth (23:37), Sammy Bober was seventh (24:31), Alyse Hempel was eighth (24:57), Amber Wirgau was 12th (25:47), Rebecca Myers was 13th (25:51), and Amber Nowicki was 15th (26:18).

The top placer for the Huron boys was Jacob Sobeck with a sixth-place finish (19:58). Zach Beland had a 10th place finish (21:15), Jacob Flemming was 12th (21:28) and Noah Sobeck was 15th (21:42). Brendon Koss finished 16th (21:43) followed by Nathan Hella (18th, 22:03), Christopher Tulgetska (19th, 22:10), Jared LaFleche (24th, 23:48), Dylan Lamb (25th, 24:07), and Tommy Vogelheim (26th, 25:01. Andrew Selke finished 29th (26:07) while Zack Meyers was 31st (31:23).