BENAC: Football brings out the poet in me

We’re two weeks into the high school football season, and there have already been some amazing games. There have been a few upsets, major blowouts and plenty of tight games that have kept us on the edge of our seats. Football has a weird way of turning the sports writer poetic, so I decided to try my hand at writing an extended poetic fugue on the area teams.

You may think “What the heck does a sportswriter know about poetry?” but I’ll have you know, I took three poetry classes as a graduate student at Northern Michigan University.

In fact, if I had taken one more poetry class, and written a poetry thesis, I would have picked up my Master’s in poetry, instead of fiction. And I picked up a solid “B” average in each of my poetry classes.

However, compared to the “A” grades I got in fiction and non-fiction writing classes, those “B” grades might not have been that impressive. But, I won’t let that stop me from writing a football poem. Because dang it, if I don’t, who will? Certainly not Andersen…and I doubt Uncle Gare is a “poetry” kind of guy.

Without further ado (and without much fanfare) I present to you…my masterpiece.

Untitled by Eric Benac

You can smell it in the air, feel it in your bones and hear it in the cheers: football time is here. Temperatures may be soaring, and golf may still be boring, but on the fields they’re roaring: football! football! football!

The Wildcats were growling as they got Escanaba howling, and though the Sault was spoiling, they had their blood aboiling. With Skillman’s new spread attack, his team now cracks and attacks with a crisp new style, that shows all the while, that Alpena football may be back. Watch for Jordan Ferguson, the kid knows how to run, with 195 yards in two games, a bullet from a gun.

But Lincoln isn’t stinking, no there aren’t, no sign they’re blinking, with four tough scramblers pulling down hundreds of yards a game. Though their passers may be hounded, Alcona still stays grounded, and overpowers opponents, with raw pure power play. Cody Franklin, Nathan Fettes, Garrette Norling and Josh Mead, all four can run at any point, faster than any steed.

The Hurons keep on shocking, with two big wins they’re knocking, on making an impression, in the newly joined North Star League. Quintin Kelly is a passer and Chris Lopez is a gasser, and the defense stalls the offensive, before it can begin. Rogers City may be turning a new leaf under Tim Nagy, using new coaching methods, to avoid taking a knee.

As always there is Hillman, small tiny little Hillman, with a new pass play style that’s scored 81 points. Ty Jones just keeps on throwing, 340 yards and growing and Kenny Kolcan’s running, with 262 yards he’s gunning, to lead the Tigers to the top of the North Star League.

Atlanta’s a raw talent team, with Jake Chambers and Seth Teets, they may pick up steam. Although they may be struggling, with no Badgero for running, they’re sure to find a style, that can help them pick up wins.

Though Onaway is winless, and haven’t been sinless, their offense is a sleeper, waiting to explode. Carlos Bautista is a leaper, Matt Tollini is a keeper, and though two loses may be rough, if Onaway stays tough, Forest Area will implode.

Mio continues to be, one of the teams to beat, after knocking Tawas around in a 34-19 win. Throwing from the pistol, Brad Rhoads throws just like a pistol, and has already picked up 473 yards. Colton McGregor is steady and seems to be ready, to lead his team to glory, a 185-yard story.

They got eight man out in Posen, and Posen isn’t posing, in spite of dropping two, against some real tough teams. But Nick Hincka keeps amazing, with power speed he’s blazing, 352 yards, a leader for his crew. When Brandon Dietz passes hit, 188 yards to wit, Posen has proven they can swing, with any other eight man team.

But, soon temperatures will be falling, with blizzards so appalling, that we’ll have to shut down football for another year or so. And though basketball is thrilling, and hockey very chilling, there’s nothing like the gridiron to warm the winter blood.

The End

There, now that wasn’t so bad was it? And now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I promise you, I’ll never write anything like that again. Please note, that all game results and stats in the poem are current as of Friday afternoon. Though I would love to, I cannot predict the future.

As you can see, I left the poem untitled. I honestly couldn’t think of anything to call it: it had such a truly epic sweep, that I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t either specific to a team, or too general to be a good title.

Now that you’ve read it, feel free to e-mail me any title suggestions. When I publish my best selling book on sports poetry, I’ll include the poem and your title. Please keep the suggestions clean: anything lewd, crude or rude will be ignored.

Eric Benac can be reached via email at or by phone at 358-5690. Follow Eric on Twitter @EricBenac.