Schuette fighting to protect Michigan’s rights

Here are two big questions:

  • What does the 10th Amendment guarantee?
  • Who is the Attorney General of Michigan?

The reason these questions are asked together is because they are closely related. Our current Attorney General is Bill Schuette. He is one of 25 attorneys general who are working hard to defend the 10th amendment which is the state’s rights amendment. This little known amendment was written to protect us from Washington. All but three of these 25 AGs are elected (not appointed by the state’s governor) so they are willing to risk their political necks to do the right thing. Every day they talk about things like nullification, sovereignty, independence and freedom.

The 10th amendment very clearly states “All powers not belonging to the national government, nor denied to the national or state government belong to the states or the citizens of the states.”

So in effect 25 Attorneys General, while fighting for the 10th Amendment, are fighting for rights of ordinary citizens. Last of the original Bill-of-Rights the 10th Amendment forbids the federal government from ordering any branch of state government to do anything. The truth is that the feds are constantly chipping away at provisions of the 10th.What does this mean?

It means (among other things) that any program Washington currently mandates States to adopt, or federal funds will be withheld, are unconstitutional. Recent Michigan passage of Medicaid expansion is an example of how the Feds get around the 10th. They dangle our money in front of our representatives in Lansing where it is grabbed. The political wisdom being that Washington pays so its ok. Whose money is it anyhow?

Scheutte knows State’s Rights and also that the money belongs to we the people.

This is one of the few opportunities we have to praise a politician.

Bob Lamb