Teachers were right to stand up for themselves

Let’s applaud the teachers here in Alpena for standing up and not accepting a contract that would set them back even further than they have already been pushed. Factories, health care facilities, businesses, you name it they all are getting hammered with cuts and are being pushed to a point of no return and their only response is “Just be happy you have a job.” Is this the way it should be? No, but we have got too comfortable with this type of feeling. The Superintendent of the Alpena School system, whom I respect and feel is a good person made this puzzling remark after the contract was turned down, he said, “In the long run, it will have a negative impact on the children of our community.” I was first disappointed that he made that comment, because I feel teachers are very important and role models to our children, I then thought a little more about his statement and realized he may be right but, not in the way he may have intended. What negative impact it may have on the children of our community is, children may not want to grow up to become teachers, they may feel why try to help our youth, nurture them, teach them, be there for them when I can perhaps do something else where I’m not scrutinized, blamed, and thought of to have it “easy” when that is far from the truth. To you the teachers of Alpena, stick to your beliefs, you are good people and deserve better, just like the rest of the people in this nation. Is every teacher a good one? No but, that can be said in every walk of life, and that should not deny everybody a chance to be treated “fair.”

John Zawacki