More thought needed on safety near Meijer

Did the plan for the massive Meijer complex include any means of access other than by automobile?

Many, many people in this area walk and ride their bicycles both for exercise and running errands.

Considering the number of people who will be shopping there, imagine how impactful it would be if their store was easily and safely accessible by bicycle or on foot.

More needs to be done than providing a bicycle rack out front. Also needed is a safe, paved pathway directly to the building’s entrance, a sidewalk on the Meijer side of M-32 and Bagley as well as another signal for safe crossing.

With current high gas prices and rising obesity rates and the prospect of crippling congestion in that area, Alpena Township officials should be more forward thinking and demand changes, upgrades and additional features that benefit local citizens rather than Meijer’s bottom line.

Oh, MDOT is going to study the traffic issues after the Meijer is built. Hmm. Seems a little bass-ackwards to me.

Terri Riopelle