Latest fee is just another money grab by state

After reading about the money grab by our Michigan government and MPSC regarding a dollar a month surcharge on our electric meters to fund another low income energy assistance program, I am stunned and appalled. Another way to steal money out of our pockets, another tax, another scheme to help poor people that have so many programs already it’s totally out of control. Please write your representatives, this must stop. All the programs out there and they still have to steal our money without our vote. Enough is enough! It’s time to put a stop to this madness. Gov. Snyder signed this bill on July 1 without any fanfare and this means every month each one of us will see a dollar of our money taken, up to $50 million. Demand that your representatives have this ridiculousness overturned and removed ASAP. If not now, when? When vehicle registrations triple in cost? When our social security tax goes up? Now is the time. Write your Congressional Reps., our Governor, and the MPSC (Michigan Public Service Commission) and let them know enough is enough. These types of programs should be voluntary not mandatory. How many have seen what government has done to television channel costs when they said digital airways will be so much better than analog or how about insurance costs and now an assault on our electric bills? I currently pay $90 a month on the electric budget program with PIE&G for a 600sq. foot home. Now I have to fund more low income programs? Bet you’ll hear; “its only a dollar.” Let your voice be heard and write.

Mike Lavens