Shout Eureka!

Four-year-old Brody Oliver, like many others, did not realize raisins can dance.

Oliver has since learned that they can dance around by using a carbonated liquid which attaches to the raisins, bringing them to the surface. When the raisins surface, carbonation is released and the raisins sink to gather more carbonation and repeat the process, thus causing a “dancing motion.”

Oliver, along with his parents, recently attended the monthly Shout Eureka! science program held at the Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan where he learned that interesting lesson.

Shout Eureka! is a free program funded by the Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan and a Kellogg Youth Initiative partnership grant. “Eureka” is a Greek derivative meaning, “I have found it” or “I have discovered something.”

Nicole Morgan, Oliver’s mother said, “Brody loves science, and to have a free program in our area that fosters this is great for our children.”

Karen and Patrick Pokorski, who lead the program, have been bringing science awareness to children and adults of all ages for four years. They have exhibited experiments at area schools and now at the Besser Museum.

“Hands-on experiments allows them to really get a feel of how things work,” Patrick Pokorski said. “To see the look, determination and excitement on their faces when they have successfully achieved their experiment is very rewarding.”

His wife, Karen, added, “It’s about having fun and a thinking program. Our experiments vary for each program, covering universal gravitation, motion, friction, compression and several other areas of science that we introduce to the kids and adults.”

Besser Museum Executive Director Christine Witulski encourages everyone to take advantage of the program.

“Being able to work with the Pokorskis, who have developed this project, and to partner with them has been exciting,” Witulski said. “Seeing the families attending is a great feeling.”

The program is held on the first Thursday of each month from 5:30-7:30 p.m. for nine months. Grounded in the concept of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics), the activities and experiments demonstrate the inter-relationship of how subjects relate to each other and in real life.

You can schedule a Shout Eureka! science program by contacting Karen Pokorski at 595-6695 or e-mail