Local Viewpoint

We all know these are not easy days. We understand money does not grow on trees and that it takes all we have some days just to fill up the family vehicle with gasoline or get groceries to put on the table.

With unemployment numbers historically being what they are in Northeast Michigan and the percentage of the those living in poverty increases, it’s easy to understand the tremendous stress that is placed on social care providers.

Unfortunately, there is not enough money to meet all the needs of these wonderful organizations. While it has been our experience that public service agencies know how to stretch dollars better than most, they aren’t magicians who can reach into their hat and pull out dollars.

That’s why the annual United Way drive is so important. United Way volunteers aren’t magicians either, but they are considered angels by many groups for the funds they raise that help keep public assistance programs afloat, ensure special needs are being met and the area’s forgotten fed and clothed.

We live in a region where generosity isn’t a concept but a way of life. We are a caring and compassionate lot, yet even with that philosophical compass directing our paths there still are many needs going unmet across the region.

That’s where United Way can step in and help make a difference. Whether its well-baby care or end of life hospice choices, after-school educational programming or assisting families struggling with the effects of Alzheimers, the United Way is an umbrella for many important agencies in Northeast Michigan.

This year’s local United Way goal is $215,000. Whatever ultimately is raised through the campaign will be spread between 16 United Way agencies in Alpena, Alcona and Montmorency counties.

When it comes to stretching dollars, we believe the United Way has a proven track record of success. Last year, for example, they supported 14 agencies that serviced 10,786 families across the region.

We believe efforts like that are essential in our community.We urge you to consider a donation.

Without a doubt, every agency can put your donation to good use.