Hillman school board narrows list of candidates

HILLMAN – Hillman Community Schools Board of Education has been busy interviewing candidates for its vacant superintendent/principal position, and has narrowed the applications down to three candidates. Interim Superintendent Tom Harmon has been working with the board since the application process began, and is hopeful it will reach a decision soon.

“I really commend the board on their hard work,” Harmon said. “They have had eight to 10 meetings this month, and do it all on a volunteer basis. They’ve really done a great job.”

The board started looking at 25 applications for the position at its meeting in August, and narrowed the candidates down to eight, which they have now narrowed down by the interview process.

“I’m confident the board will find someone for the position and make a decision,” Harmon said. “After the interviews there will probably be site visits to make sure everything checks out.”

Harmon said the board may come to a decision sometime within the next few weeks, which will then lead to contract negotiations and hopefully a new superintendent/principal. The superintendent is also the principal for grades 7-12.

During the first few weeks of school, students and staff also had a visit from Michigan State Police Community Service Trooper Ashley Simpson. Simpson held a presentation for staff about school safety and updating the schools emergency crisis plan, and identified areas of the school where security could be improved and went through different types of drills to improve safety.

“We had a really nice start to the school year so far,” Harmon said. “Hillman schools are in good shape.”

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