Let Lansing know about your disappointment

When you face a problem head on, you should look at the real cause and attack on that front, not blame someone else who is not the guilty party. The “Viewpoint” in the 8/31/13 Saturday edition of the Alpena News states that they are “disappointed” in the teachers and the bus drivers for not accepting a 10 percent pay cut and changes to their health insurance. (Which in my experience means that you will pay more for it). Well, we should really be “disappointed” in the cuts that Lansing has subjected our schools to in the past years. Where is the outrage at the tax cuts given to businesses with the promise of more jobs? That is the real cause. The teachers the bus drivers and the admin staff are not the villans here. These folks are our friends and neighbors who live here and support this community. Call and write to Lansing and make your “disappointment” known to the real cause. Tell Governor Snyder how “disappointed” you are.

Alida Bywater

Presque Isle