Local businesses go the extra mile and care

After having the misfortune of experiencing a kitchen fire I was in need of professional assistance to deal with the aftermath. The local businesses and people I encountered impressed me so much I felt I needed to share this with the community. Floyd and Paul of Servpro were outstanding. Their attention to detail, patience, and desire to satisfy my wishes went above and beyond any business I have ever encountered. For example, I bumped into one of their employees at a local gas station and casually mentioned I was not sure if I liked the caulking in my kitchen. By the next time I returned to my home they had removed the caulking and replaced it with another type. I ended up remodeling my kitchen and had the pleasure of dealing with Gordon Zbytowski of Zbytowski Builders. Once again I was thoroughly impressed with his attention to detail, patience, and sensitivity to minimizing the impact construction can have on a household. For example, I had expected dirt, dust, and piles of debris to be left for me to clean up. In spite of all the cutting and sanding done in the house there was very little mess. Another individual whose expertise helped me create my new kitchen was Bill Bahling of Ossineke Building Supplies. He patiently explained the differences in the various kitchen components and worked endlessly with me to create my individualized kitchen. His knowledge was invaluable. He was always willing to come to the house and investigate any concern I voiced. Every minor detail or issue I had about my new cabinets he happily resolved. I encourage anybody in need of these services to work with these businesses within our community.

Shelly Garlitz