Stay active for a better and healthier life

Two hundred, seventy-five participants enjoyed the 12th annual Aliferis events thanks to reasonable weather and the many volunteers and business donors that help make it a success. Proceeds from the events help make it easier for all of us at ARMC to do our jobs and improve patient experiences.

ARMC sponsors the Aliferis events and the community health walks as part of the campaign against obesity and associated chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Lack of routine daily physical activity is a leading cause of obesity. Walking 15 minutes after meals can significantly improve health.

Our inability to safely walk or bike to work, school or the grocery store makes the goal of routine daily activity for everyone difficult. Michigan has a complete streets policy and I would encourage our representatives in the city, townships, county and road commission to embrace this policy. Imagine the improvement in our community’s health if everyone was able to walk or bike safely without having to get into a car. MDOT’s safe routes to school is an important part of this program.

Please consider joining Dr. Allan Frank M.D. at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday Sept. 18 at Washington Street Park for a short walk and listen to him address the topic of chronic health concerns.

Steven Vorenkamp, M.D.

ARMC Orthopaedics