Editorial: It’s Posen’s time to shine

This weekend we all have a little bit of Polish in us as we join with our friends in Posen to celebrate the annual Posen Potato Festival. Now in its 62nd year, the potato festival is not only a celebration of the potato harvest, it’s also a celebration of Polish heritage.

Though Posen is a small community in population, it’s a large community when it comes to heart and pride. It’s population grows during the festival but it would be impossible for it grow any more heart.

From the food to the music, Posen’s Polish heritage shines through. Stop and talk with a resident and you can hear the pride they have in and the love they for Posen. This weekend is Posen’s time to shine and those who live there always put there best foot forward.

We wish the residents in Posen a successful potato festival, and encourage everyone to visit the potato festival. You’ll be glad you did.