Counterpoint letter breezed past case’s facts

Mr. Cal Howard you are a perfect example of “the pot calling the kettle black.” You just seem to brush aside all the evidence presented that doesn’t suit you. Do you take the mainstream media as gospel? If so then you are one of many why civilizations collapsed.

Do you know that the chief prosecutor has been criticized by the former head of the American Bar Association, and by Alan Dershowitz professor of the Harvard Law School. He said prosecutor Angela Corey “willfully and deliberately” omitted crucial exculpatory evidence. She did that to avoid a Grand Jury which her case would not have held water against her charge against Zimmerman. Dershowitz said, “it was a perjurious affidavit which is grounds for disbarment.” Is jury tampering an obstruction of justice anymore?.

Cal the term “Colored People has been used for hundreds of years and is not derogatory. Didn’t you ever hear of the NAACP…. “advancement of colored people.” I could have said “innocent little lamb,” or “a little angel.” That is what NBC portrayed him to be and are now being sued by Zimmerman’s lawyers for falsifying the age and size of Martin. Even the NAACP admits that Martin’s past has been much outside the law with stolen goods, and burglary tools.

It was a national tragedy in three parts. (1) Washington politicians intervened and usurped the local Sheriff Department. (2) Taxpayer money was spent to organize demonstrations against the Sheriff Department to force them to charge Zimmerman. (3) Mob rule plus a biased media took charge.

Mr. Howard don’t close your eyes to evidence, and I feel your religious remarks do not give credibility and leverage to your letter.

Robert J Colarusso