Upset about fishing disqualification decision

On Saturday July 27 during the Brown Trout tournament, we caught a Steelhead that was in second place, they D.Q us because of transferring an item (planer board) from our boat to another boat, we caught the planer board on one of our lines and on our way back to Rockport Harbor we todded the board back to the boat that lost it. Making no contact with them.

After weighing our fish our Steelhead was in second place, Doug Niegarth (director) was going to D.Q. us because of the returning of the planer board, after talking to him he said we were O.K. with what happened.

On Sunday, our fish was removed off the board, Doug said he changed his mind.

I’m sure there was pressure from the other people that would benefit there positions on the 5 places that paid money.

We lost $600 because of what happened. There were many fisherman at the tournament that were not happy with their decision, some have said they will never fish in the Brown Trout Tournament again along with me. Have fished in the tournament over 20 years with never any problems till now. A well-known charter boat captain talked to the Brown Trout people about what happened and still would not change their minds. There has been quite a decline of entries the past years, one of the problems is their insensitivity in making decisions.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

John Hoos