Rating will help township insurance rates

ALPENA – The Alpena Township Board of Trustees was pleased to receive results of its recent public protection classification survey completed by Insurance Services Office of the structural fire suppression delivery system that is provided in the included area in Alpena Township. The rating has gone from a 6/9 to a 5/8B rating, meaning the survey went well and may lower classification points by 1 percent for people within the included survey area.

“ISO sets an insurance standard,” township Fire Capt. Mark Hall said. “They are the governing body that sets fire ratings that the insurance companies use for ratings. This reduction is significant for taxpayers. It shows the advancement of the station. It’s a significant achievement.”

The survey is broken into three parts: fire department operations, water department operations, and central dispatch. The fire and water departments are broken down into different areas, and are rated accordingly.

“This has nothing to do with the EMS, and everything to do with fighting fires,” Hall said. “It’s all about response.”

Communities whose PPC improves may get lower insurance prices, and the survey provides fire departments with a benchmark which can be used to help with planning, budgeting and future spending.

“It gives us a road map of things we can work on,” Hall said. “We know exactly where to focus, and some things we can improve on.”

The board thanked the fire department and DPW Supervisor Phil Heath for the work they put into the survey, andTownship Supervisor Marie Twite for her work as well.

“We have a fast response and a good system,” Twite said. “It could affect the insurance, and people could get a reduction in that district.”

The actual numbers for reductions and the percentage for insurance will not be known until later in the year.

In other business:

the board approved financing the new fire truck through Chemical Bank at an interest rate of 2.39 percent, which was the lowest rate offered.

a standard franchise agreement with Presque Isle Electric and Gas Co-op was approved for the township for possible hookups in the future. The agreement is an adopted ordinance, granting a natural gas franchise for 30 years should PIE&G spread into the area.

there will be an open house at both township fire stations on Oct. 5, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. to showcase the township equipment and kick off fire prevention week.

the board designated fire prevention week as Oct 6-12.

purchase of hoses, a replacement GPS, tanker tires, and a water pump and miscellaneous repairs were approved for the fire department.

Heath presented the board with a letter for his retirement. He will finish his service sometime in January, and the board will be advertising to fill the position.

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