Local viewpoint: Hopeful of a good year for area students

Doors open around the state today as students return to the classrooms. From the wide-eyed kindergartners to the I’ve-seen-it-all before seniors, today has something for all of them a chance to get back to their friends, teachers, and learning.

All of them have hopes and dreams about the coming year, and the years to come. Whether they are young students just beginning the learning process or older students with an eye toward the next step in life, they all need the right education to grow as students and people.

In northern Michigan, a school is a central aspect of a community and reflects the people who make up that community. It is up to all of us in our communities to make our schools the best they can be so our students can be the best they can be. Whether you have children, grandchildren or relatives in the school system or not, we all benefit from their successes.

We wish all the students, teachers and administrations the best for the coming year and hope we all benefit from the growth of students in area school systems.