How much lower can Obama administration go?

Can you imagine what would have been done to George W. Bush if he had hired someone for a cabinet position who advocated mass murder of African Americans (hereafter AA); war against AA; ethnic cleansing of whites sympathetic to AA; killing a lot of black traitors? Well, Obama appointee, through Homeland Security, Ayo Kimathi, advocates all that and more against white people. But why should we be surprised? Such corruption has always been the Democrat way in politics. Under Democrat FDR the top levels of government were shot through with communists. The Soviet Union had a “Keystone pipeline” of information from within our government. There were the likes of Alger Hiss, Lauchlin Currie, Harry Dexter White, Harry Hopkins, and a host of others streaming top secrets to the communist block. One wonders how many people died because of such treason. Then, of course, you have present day top level governmental officials who lie and say things like: “Four people died … What difference does it make?” We also have had the influence of Obama buddies terrorists Saul Alinski; Bill Ayers; Bernardine Dorn; and communist buddy Van Jones as a czar. How much worse can it get? Probably quite a bit.

Earl W. Elowsky