Disappointed with governor during his visit

Last week on the opening day of the Alcona County Fair, the governor visited as part of his Pure Michigan tour. He came without prior announcement to the public, so the economic boost his visit might have given to concessions at the fair and the opportunity for people to let him know about their concerns didn’t happen. It’s strange to me that the state would spend 25 million taxpayer dollars on the Pure Michigan campaign this year but not realize the potential economic value of his high profile visit.

I am also puzzled about why the governor refused to sign the petition I was circulating at the fair to put the issue of a ban on horizontal fracking for natural gas in Michigan on the ballot. I happened to be at the fair and offered the governor the opportunity to help us let the people decide if they think the new horizontal fracking is a safe process. When I asked if he would sign, his reply was, “No.” When I asked if he didn’t think the people should get to decided, he said he, “liked it the way it is.” Since this issue is at the heart of what “Pure Michigan,” is all about, I was disappointed that he wasn’t interested in hearing my concerns or letting the people decide if permanently polluting hundreds of millions of gallons of “Pure Michigan” water to make the toxic brine for horizontal fracking makes economic or environmental sense to them.

The chemicals used in this process have been exempted from the Federal Clean Air and Clean Drinking Water standards. How can this be safe for the waters of Pure Michigan?

Patty Thomas